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“The most demanded Skills in Marketing”: in the Meeting of Agencies

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“The most demanded Skills in Marketing”: in the Meeting of Agencies

Recently we were lucky to organize the 1st Meeting of Online Marketing Agencies where we met a good number of passionate and lovers of marketing. The last discussion table was very attractive and did not disappoint. He focused on one of the topics of greatest interest for iran email list those who are training as Community Managers and plan to dedicate themselves professionally to Social Media: the most demanded skills in Online Marketing. Do you want to know them? Here we tell you.

One of the most interesting topics discussed at the Annual Meeting of Online Marketing Agencies was related to the most demanded skills to work  in this medium. The agencies that participated in this debate revealed to us the  qualities , aptitudes and attitudes they seek and value when deciding on a candidate and hiring him. A very valuable information, taking into account that the figure of Community Manager is still one of the most requested professions today.Iran Email List

We present a summary and a transcript of the best moments of the debate. We have tried to be faithful to the words of the participants, but if you prefer to see it full we leave you the video too. We hope you find it very useful😉

What are the Skills most requested by the Online Marketing Agencies?
This was the main question launched by Alicia Senovilla to start the debate. The speakers at this fourth table were: Carla Anaya from District Agency , Jaime López Chicheri from Marketing Surfers , Judit Prieto from QDQ Media , Gorka Goikoetxea from Aukera Marketing and Alberto López from Wanatop Agency .
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Ver imagen en Twitter
Ernesto G Bustamante 
 4º equipo: @jaimechicheri @distritoagencia @QDQmedia @SemBilbao @agenciawanatop #ReuniondeAgencias #aulaCM
17:37 – 27 jun. 2014
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Introduction and approach of ideas
Alberto Lopez 150Alberto López  @SeoDePaseo
Alberto López, from the Wanatop Agency , proposes 6 skills:
That is a candidate with knowledge of SEO , SEM and Social Media .
That the professional has passion, talent and ability to learn. Primordial: know how to reinvent yourself and adapt to frequent changes in marketing.
He values ​​the constant desire to train and learn.
Look for people with initiative and “breathe online marketing “.
Apart from interviewing them, it examines the social networks of the aspirants. Although it is not decisive, it focuses on their work experience, if they have personal projects, if they have created a Fan Page themselves or if they are entrepreneurs.
The disposition and adaptability towards the sector or the profile of the client also finds determinant.
carla anaya 150Carla Anaya  @krlalulu
At the time of selecting your team, in  Agency District they  value a lot:
That is a trained person and multitasking, who knows how to work in various fields: from web analytics  to the use of management tools and monitoring .
Have experience in   online and offline marketing .
That knows how to generate content to attract and retain users, developing Branded Content strategies in different media.
Essential adaptability to different projects and proper customer service.
The patience when working as a team and meet the requests of customers is very important.
gorka 150Gorka Goikoetxea  @sembilbao
Gorka Goikoetxea, on behalf of the agency Aukera Marketing , says that for the selection of candidates they take into account:
 The desire to learn and improve.
That has a digital profile , that “breathe Internet”, that is used to think, work and develop digital projects.
That he has built a personal brand , with a favorable digital identity. In his own words, “a Community Manager with a good reputation is a good asset to the company.”
Good management and dealing with customers. That is implied and endorses the client’s objectives.
That approaches the figure of knowmad , whose interest is a continuous learning.
Multidisciplinary capacity  , but at the same time have a specialization, able to see and understand all the concepts of Social Media: SEO, Usability and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).
Specialist by disciplines and non-specialist tools. If you are looking for an analyst, someone who not only knows how to use Google Analytics , but also knows how to work with  Web Trends  or  Tag Manager.
That he knows how to communicate and can speak well with the team, with the clients and transmit what the agency is.
El Blog de Gaby C.M-F
 Ser multidisciplinar, empático, querer seguir aprendiendo cada día y cuidar tu marca personal. Habilidades de un buen CM #ReuniondeAgencias
17:40 – 27 jun. 2014
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Judit Prieto 150
Judit Prieto  @JuditPrieto
The skills that the QDQ Media agency   looks for in a Community Manager are the following:
Empathy. That is a person who knows how to mediate, reach agreements. It is not that the company is always right or the client is always right.
Person who listens, who knows how to put himself in the skin of the other and understand the other part of the conversation.
Multidisciplinary profile , well trained and informed Community Manager in Social Media. That you value and understand the importance of the other areas of work despite your specific specialty. Teamwork is vital for the development of your work.
Knowing how to communicate with the client, knowing how to faithfully transmit information, concepts and terms without using a technical language.
Adaptability , since marketing trends change continuously. This implies that you have to learn and train constantly and go to the forefront with the changes and trends of the market.
 Time availability. In Social Media you can not set totally fixed schedules if the goal is to learn and offer a good result to the client.
Jjaime lopez chicheri 150aime López Chicheri  @jaimechicheri
For Jaime López Chicheri, of Marketing Surfers , the Community Manager must have:
The most important: attitude , strategic mentality and desire to undertake.
A multidisciplinary profile , candidates should know about SEO, SEM, Social Media, content management, Email Marketing, design and video editing. A professional trained in several areas where you can work without limitations.
A technical profile , that has bases and knowledge in several fields and that wants to learn.
Presence in social networks  and good management of Linkedin . Vital to the development of your online strategy.
Entrepreneur mentality  and desire to train in other disciplines.
Dany Morales
 “Una persona que no esté en Linkedin, que no tiene un blog… Esta fuera de la primera criba digital” @SemBilbao  #reuniondeagencias
17:48 – 27 jun. 2014
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Online Marketing SkillsQuestions about Online Marketing skills
1. Is it an important skill to know web design, write well and have a blog?
The answer is yes. In general, when online communication agencies consider hiring a Community Manager they value very positively that this person has a presence on social networks , shares Online Marketing content and even writes their own blog . Gorka Goikoetxea considers that if the applicant is not on Linkedin, it is directly ruled out. He looks for digital profiles and people who, in advance, have visibility on the Internet.