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The New Google Index Mobile First Algorithm

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The New Google Index Mobile First Algorithm

The New Google Index Mobile First Algorithm

Marketeros, since June the new algorithm of Google Index Mobile First, which will affect the organic positioning and SEO of your brand will mean important changes in the Digital Marketing strategy.

In this video I leave the 10 aspects to take into account to prepare your Index Mobile First strategy.
How does the new Google algorithm work?
In general, when you cambodia email list write a query on Google and your results appear, Google largely determines the results through a classification method oriented to desktop computers.

And this used to make sense. But the desktop and the mobile have different indexing requirements.

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And since most users searched desktop computers, Google based its classification method on desktop indexing requirements.

But as you’ve seen, times are changing. In fact, the desktop will be present for a long time, but Google has to respond to the reality of the increase in mobile traffic.

Here are some areas to focus on:

Google Search Console Verification: If you currently only verify your desktop site in Google Search Console, you should make sure that the mobile version of the site is also verified so you can get up-to-date and up-to-date information on crawling, indexing, and any problems on Your site.

XML Sitemap and robots.txt: make sure that any link to your XML sitemap is accessible from the mobile version of your site. The same applies to the robots.txt file because there might be ramifications if it can not be accessed and you have pages that you control using the do not allow command or other key instructions.

Structured data: If you use structured data markup on your desktop site, you should also make sure that this is also implemented on mobile devices. The URLs that are displayed within the structured data in the mobile pages must be the mobile version of the URL.

Metadata: Make sure that metadata key elements (page titles and meta description) are equivalent in both versions of your pages. The reason Google recommends ‘equivalent’ instead of ‘identical’ is potentially optimizing its titles for the shortest real estate property in mobile SERPs. However, you must ensure that you include the same keywords in the titles of your pages on mobile devices.

Social tags : Open Graph tags and Twitter cards (as well as other social metadata) must be included in both the mobile and the desktop version of the site.

infographics-google mobile first
infographics-google mobile first
What should I adjust on my website with the new google algorithm?
Redesign your website, if you must do it build the wireframes thinking of mobile.
Use the Google Schema in all publications
Goodbye to websites without updating, update content 4 times a week so you will have more visibility with the spiders.
Integrates the functions of smartphones to the functioning of the web.
Your new website itself is an app.
Resize the functions of the web thinking about the size of the actions you want to generate.