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The news and trends of Online Marketing in 2015 (2nd Meeting of Agencies)

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The news and trends of Online Marketing in 2015 (2nd Meeting of Agencies)

The Marketing Online and new technologies evolve so fast that we constantly have new products . If you work in the sector, you will know that it is important not to fall behind and live permanently up to date with the latest trends. The 2nd Meeting of Agencies , organized by Aula CM fiji email list in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes , addressed this interesting topic in its first debate.
Five Marketing and Social Media Agencies told us about the main changes experienced in the last year. Take note, in case you missed something new!
Main trends of Online Marketing in 2015
Agencies Dos Setenta , Wanatop , Mister Kiwi , Marketing Surfers and Internet Advantage participated in the first debate of the 2nd Meeting of Agencies held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. All shared the most important news of Online Marketing in the last year with the 300 attendees.
 1. First ideas of the participants
The presenter of the event, Alicia Senovilla , requested a first reflection to the speakers of this debate. Here is an almost literal transcription of your opinions. We did not want to make an interpretation of his words so as not to misrepresent the message.
Álvaro Peña Dos SetentaÁlvaro Peña , Dos Setenta
One of the novelties of this year has been the change of the Facebook API that became effective on April 30, 2015. Some of us have suffered, we are still with it. There are many tools and portals that depend on this Facebook API and what it allows you to do.
What surprised me most this year is the use of emojis in the search results, although I think Google will remove them.
The bad thing about trends is that sometimes customers do not want them, they just want what works. There are innovations that have made a dent in what works and is where I would like to influence. For example:
the boom of sponsored content ;
the fact of contacting bloggers and influencers already existed, but now it seems that the SME wants it more;
the use of online whatsapp for customer service and for sale.