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The psychology of color in Digital Marketing

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The psychology of color in Digital Marketing

The psychology of color in Digital Marketing

The colors you must use in your Digital Marketing strategy in 2018 to achieve conversion.
In accordance with its objectives, colors are part of the thematic, semantic and systemic approach of your Digital marketing strategy.

Then how to use them to obtain results:
Psychology of
Belize Email Lists  color and its effect on Digital Marketing.

Primary colors
Yellow: ideal for warm and cheerful sensations, very focused on innovation.

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Red: It captures the ideal attention for managing promos and discounts, generates alarm and expectation.

Blue: A synonym of confidence and security, ideal for financial institutions and corporations that wish to have a more classic and masculine personality.

Green: Associated with health, ideal for companies with an environmentalist and environmentalist vision.

Purple: Means success and wisdom. Formerly the kings used purple garments. Ideal for disruptive startup companies and for innovation campaigns.

Rosa: Color of love, ideal to capture the attention of the female segment although they do not need your product.

White: Ideal for companies with minimalist concepts, is used in campaigns that want to generate high impact on the visual theme.

Orange: Excitement, warmth and caution. It attracts attention and provokes ideal interaction for creative and advertising agencies.