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The secrets of Deep Web

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The secrets of Deep Web

The secrets of Deep Web

I share with you this documentary that circulates on YouTube about the well-known SILK ROAD case that shows the effects of poorly run Marketing that violates the law. It is not an apology to crime, much less, but I want you to see how badly managed actions can generate a dark and anarchic scenario in the digital world.

What is the deep web?

It is not necessary to be a web assistant to have heard the stories of the dark and fantastic Deep Web. You know, websites or Deep Web search engines where criminals and hackers conspire to steal identities, change stock prices or close a site of their choice. The Deep Web History goes back a long way, but its
Taiwan Email Lists presence has recently been reported as stories of campfires on the Internet. However, the Deep Web is not only much bigger than these stories, but it is also much more benign than many believe.

Let’s dive into the deep end of the information superhighway.

The secrets of Deep Web

Exploring the history of the deep web
Very simply, Deep Net is a part of the Internet that has not been indexed by the search engines. When using any typical search engine, type a query and milliseconds later, receive the results of your search. Although it may seem that your search was fruitful, the information that appears in the search results is actually only a fraction of what is on the surface of the Internet, that’s why we call it Surface Web.

Most people only interact with Surface Web, but for those who are professionally curious or technologically inclined, there is much more out there in terms of data and websites to explore on the Hidden Web. In fact, some have estimated that around 90% of the actual content on the Internet exists somewhere in the deep web space.

Although the Hidden Net is a diverse and colorful world, it is not innately frivolous in nature. For example, many academic databases for libraries or universities are stored in the Deep Web. Or, if you’ve ever used an integrated search function, the results you’ve probably received come from the hidden Web.

Where does the “dark web” fit into this? 
The “Dark” corner and the Deep Space of the Web are based on anonymity. However, you can only access both with a specially designed web browser, which means you will not find a secret drug network by simply typing a query into your search engine.

The bad reputation of ‘Darknet’ or ‘Dark Web’ has undoubtedly eclipsed the usefulness and benign nature of Deep Web, and it really is not a surprise. In fact, however, what we have come to know as the Dark Web is actually a small corner of cyberspace.

Consider, for example, the fact that the World Wide Web has soared to include more than a billion different websites. Currently, estimates of Tor hidden sites are between 7,000 and 30,000. When you do the calculations, that means that darknet sites represent less than one third of the percentage of the entire web space.

You may also have heard about the “Mariana Web”. In all of Deep Web’s history, this topic is probably the most divisive. It is not very likely that this place exists, since what it really is does not make much sense. The stories in this part of the Internet are confusing and inconsistent, with some people claiming to be a government database where all the secrets of the greatest secrets of humanity are kept.

At the other end of the spectrum, people say they have seen it themselves. These people describe it as the most depraved cynic problems in existence. Things that nobody should ever see. We are pleased to report that the Mariana website is a well-documented myth and only a popular internet legend.

That does not mean that the Dark Web, or even the Deep Web, is for the faint of heart. For better or for worse, this part of the Internet is a reflection of everything good, bad and frankly strange. However, we must not allow the reputation created by a few harmful eggs to make us look beyond the very real potential that deep, dark web spaces offer people.

For example, political dissidents are increasingly turning to the Hidden Network as protection against political persecution in their countries of origin. By creating a free space of state control, Deep Web incorporates the original spirit of the Internet, which facilitates the free exchange of ideas.

What are the best sites of the Deep Web?

It is not easy to discover how popular are the sites that, by definition, do not want to be analyzed or listed, but through various means, it is possible to have a good idea of ​​where the people who visit the deep web really go.

The list below is our best attempt to put together the most popular deep web destinations.

  • TorShops – Start your own deep web store!
  • TorLinks – A list of .onion addresses.
  • Dream Market – Popular Darknet Market
  • Valhalla Market (recently killed off)
  • Silkkitie Market (also Valhalla)
  • Dream Market Forum – where Dream Market Patrons Chat
  • The Hidden Wiki – The Grandaddy of Deep Web Directories
  • Grams – A drug market search engine ( now dead )
  • DeepDotWeb – A Deep Web News Resource
  • OnionDir – Another Link Directory
  • Runion – A Russian Forum
  • HANSA Market – Major market that is now DEAD
  • Wall Street Market
  • ChatTor – a totally anonymous chat service
  • TORCH – the Tor Search Engine
  • Sleepwalker
  • Concerned Cocaine Citizens – A Cocaine Reference for the World
  • Fantom URLs – A Forum for Paranoid People
  • Krang from Technodrome – A blog about the TMNT villian
  • Apples 4 Bitcoin – Buy Apple products for Bitcoin