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The SEO of the Royal House eliminates Urdangarin

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The SEO of the Royal House eliminates Urdangarin

The SEO of the Real House eliminates Urdangarin is the post of the week of I’m Marketing, but something different from the previous. It is a news of Marketing and SEO that helps us to know the functioning of robots. so used in SEO and in general by many webmasters to protect a web page. The article begins with an introduction that aims to be the link between these two disparate themes but at the same time so current …

Urdangarin case
Iñaki Urdangarin, for whom he does not yet know, is a former Spanish balloonist executive director email list, but today is best known for being the husband of the Infanta Cristina de Borbón, daughter of our ex-King, and above all for his alleged fraud Spanish state through the Nóos Institute.

You will wonder what relationship an SEO news can have with a former handball player, it is normal, I would also ask. For this reason, we will start with an introduction to robots.txt to avoid getting lost during the post.

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What is a Robot.txt?

Every web page must have two files to protect its integrity; one is the htaccess file and another the robots.txt, which is our article. Through these files we will ensure the security of our website, or at least significantly increase security.

The Robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers what parts we do not want them to access from our website. Through a series of commands we will indicate to the “spiders” of the search engines what they can and can not see (and therefore index) on our website.

Robots.txt basic
We are talking about a file with “txt” format (perhaps better known as “notepad” or “text document”) that includes a series of parameters such as:

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This is the most common robot for those with less programming knowledge. Google advises us to have this file, so it will be advisable to upload it to our server if we do not have it yet.

In this case it indicates to Google (or our usual search engine) that all robots are allowed to pass through and therefore the reading of our website. This can be a problem for those who copy content in an automated way and publish it on their website, damaging those of us who created the original content.

Robots.txt antirastreo
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In this case, we could include those robots that we do not want to crawl and enter our website to read the content. If we do not want to write them one at a time, we can use “ALL” to indicate that we do not want any of them to enter.

On the Internet you will find lists with “malicious” robots that only copy content to send it to other websites. What will be the original for Google? There is our problem.

Robots.txt of access to a single robot
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In this case, only one bot or robot would be allowed to enter. To be specified by us.

Robots.txt that blocks directories and subdirectories
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This is the most interesting for our article, since it talks about those directories and subdirectories that should be blocked. In this way we could block certain images, content about people, etc.

Clarification about Robots.txt
NOTE: We must bear in mind that there are certain robots that we are interested in entering our website, for example if we have an automated newsletter we have to allow the robot of our application (for example Mailchimp) to access our content. If we block it, you will not be able to access our feed to download the new contents and forward them to the newsletter.

As you can imagine, for an SEO it is essential the use of these files (among others) to protect the web from malicious bots and “hide” the content that we do not want to be visible to Google. Do you have questions about this file? Write your questions in a comment.-

What has the Real House SEO done?
Has Urdangarin been loaded? Have you deleted it from the map? Indeed.

The person in charge of the organic positioning of Real House, that is to say the SEO, decided some time ago to veto the content of the web page of the Spanish Royal Family to forget faster the presumed fraudster. Although the latest information points (always allegedly) to the Royal House as an accomplice to these crimes, they wanted to dissociate themselves from this man and his misdeeds long ago …

To know the robots.txt file of a web we can write in the browser the URL followed by /robots.txt to know what this file wants to hide in the eyes of Google:


We have searched for the robot of the Royal House and … SURPRISE! The only “bot” they want to forget and hide in a drawer is the husband of the Infanta, Mr. Iñaki Urdangarin, and above, in all languages:

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The Duke of Palma has been blocked, at least access to its “real” content. In this way there will be no link leading to this

The Duke of Palma has been blocked, at least access to its “real” content. In this way there will be no link leading to this gentleman, not even those who have put themselves in the past.

The Royal House has blocked all the content of its website that has to do with this man, so that marks distances and may not want to increase the loss of prestige that has won the Royal House in recent years (according to the CIS surveys).

I hope you liked the content of the article and it has helped you to learn more about SEO.

Greetings to all my readers.