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Tips For This Black Friday

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Tips For This Black Friday

We are at the end of November and, one more year, Black Friday is here . This commercial milestone is part of the period that begins with Halloween, continues on November Buy VP R&D Email Lists 11 with the Day of the Single which begins to overflow the Chinese field, and with Thanksgiving Thursday, and will conclude with the season of Christmas.

In Spain, despite being one of the European countries where this custom of American origin has taken root, the origin of this date is still little known. Moreover, the name can be shocking, since a “black day” in our culture, may sound catastrophic. Nothing is further from reality, however: this Friday is called “black” because it traditionally marks the moment when merchants’ accounts , subject to heavy fiscal pressure, stopped being red (in deficit) and began to yield benefits .

In the United States the Thanksgiving dinner is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and it is traditional that Friday is semi-festive and marks the starting signal for Christmas shopping. The offers of all kinds are already among the most aggressive of the year and this magical day has become a whole week, starting in the previous days and extending to the so-called cyber-monday, after an intense weekend in discounts . For this 2018 a very strong increase of the total billing is predicted, that only in the United States will raise of sixty thousand to ninety thousand million dollars with respect to 2017, that is to say, around 50% in a single year. Last year, only in that country, 174 million people bought for Black Friday.

Black Friday breaks clichés

Those who still think that this day of shopping par excellence attracts women especially, may have to reflect on it, at least as a result of US market surveys . Indeed, men determined to buy in this period slightly outnumber women (77% versus 71%) and also plan to spend almost double : $ 626 versus 342.

Another stereotype that falls is that of the primacy of the individual purchase for a gift: in this Black Friday a boom in couple shopping is expected . In addition, Generation X burst with force as the most determined etnic segment to take advantage of the offers of 2018 (almost six hundred dollars per person), surpassing the Generation And, above all, the generation of the Baby Boom, which is far behind with less than two hundred and fifty dollars per person.

Tips to keep in mind this Black Friday

Today we offer you five updated tips to buy this Black Friday online:

  • Take advantage of the initial opportunities, but stay alert. Most of the products with large discounts respond to limited stocks , so it is important to be alert at the beginning of the period, since the days before Black Friday. You already know that good deals fly. But, at the same time, many large merchants will be releasing additional stock depending on the progress of the business, and do not forget the cyber-monday for the auction in digital products.