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Tips from 9 specialists to make ads on the internet Service News

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Tips from 9 specialists to make ads on the internet Service News

Tips from 9 specialists to make ads on the internet Service News

Companies look for professionals who know about Canadian Consumer Email List SEM strategies and advertising on Facebook, Instagram and websites, but doing it well is not always easy. We have spoken with 9 specialists in Online Marketing to tell us their secrets and thus to make a guide of good practices among all when creating campaigns and advertisements on the Internet.

Surely you have asked yourself more than once:

What is better, Adwords or Facebook Ads? Job Interview Attitude
How is the perfect announcement made?
What do I put in the ad to get more clicks?
How do I improve my CTR?
How do you segment to reach my target audience?
What do I do to make my campaign profitable?
Throughout the post we will try to answer them all and also contribute our grain of sand if you are preparing the certification and Adwords exams. If you already do campaigns, it may be a good time to specialize and maybe learn something new ?

Personal Brand guest blogger Personal Guest bloggerTips to make ads on the Internet
Finch Carlos Pinzón
Sem Manager at Wanatop
“Google AdWords is much more than the search network”
It is a complete online marketing suite that offers great possibilities beyond text ads in the search network. In this case I will talk about remarketing but, more than talking about remarketing ad recommendations, I would like to show you a strategy that you can apply whenever you offer more than one product or main service. It’s about cross-selling remarketing.

For example, imagine that you have an ecommerce in which you sell photo cameras (main product). With AdWords you can create a list of users who have bought it (conversion list) and in this way you can design a cross-selling remarketing campaign offering these users accessories to the main product such as covers, tripods, more powerful objectives, etc. In this way you will impact a small group of users but are highly qualified to make a new purchase, which gives a high profitability to this type of campaign.

“Design specific banners in your remarketing campaigns”
To correctly run a cross-selling remarketing campaign, you take great care of the message and creativity with specific banners. Some tips to keep in mind are:

Logo / name of your store: if they have already bought you, they already know you, and this is the main asset you must exploit, so if the name / logo of your business must always be on display, in this case it is essential .
Images of the accessory products to the principal that you want to offer. Do not forget to make a reference to the main product so that you remember it and associate it with the accessory you offer now.
Do not forget to include calls to action visible in the advertisement, convincing and even with prices and promotions whenever possible.
Use the ad builder to go fast or personalize them with Google Web Designer.
It complements with a customer match campaign thanks to which you can show these personalized ads to your buyers making them appear at the top of your gmail inbox.
As you can see, AdWords is much more than the search network and above all it offers us multiple options in order to propose new strategies for our business.


bonillaDavir Bonilla
Specialist and main contributor in Google AdWords
“The metric that you should set as Insight will be the CTR”
The first thing to keep in mind and present when creating any advertisement, is that its main purpose is to get attention and receive that expected click by users. If you have it in mind you will succeed. For this reason, the metric that you should set as Insight will be the CTR or percentage of times your ad receives a click with respect to the total number of times it has been shown.

“Use the combination of Google-YouTube and Facebook-Instagram”
I’m not going to recommend any advertising platform because in most cases, the type of business and its advertising objectives will define what is ideal but in most cases, the combination of Google + YouTube and Facebook + Instagram are essential .

“Distinguish between ads by necessity or interest”
I like to distinguish between 2 types of ads thinking about the user:

Ads by request or need, are those ads that are used in search results and there is no doubt that Google is the one that dominates as a tool for it worldwide. Here the ideal is to show in the advertisement the solution to the need that the user is looking for. If the user wants to buy an apartment, in the advertisement you must offer an apartment accompanied by 2 messages:

The greatest benefit you offer that the competition does not achieve
The action you want to do once you visit your website (of course after clicking on your ad).
Ads by interest are those that are used in advertising within