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Top 5 Digital Neuromarketing techniques

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Top 5 Digital Neuromarketing techniques

Top 5 Digital Neuromarketing techniques

Many modern psychology and digital marketing researchers have suggested that the human brain has three parts (figurative):orlando-boca raton seo service

The new brain – thinks (rational data) 
The average brain – feels (emotions and foreboding) 
The old brain: decides (takes the information from both and pulls the trigger)

Until relatively recently, many fields of study (especially economics and advertising) believed that our decisions were largely rational. However, neuromarketing as a field has suggested that the old brain, the former primitive part of “fight or flight”, makes the majority of our decisions.

So how do we influence the old brain for more growth? 
We will delineate them here and show examples of the triggers in action.

Digital Neuromarketing techniques

Technique 1: 8 Segs

The marketers have only 8 seconds to gain attention in the online world. 
Be it on your website, in a video or in a digital content on Social Networks, the 8 seconds of truth are the ones that determine if you generate connection with the audience.

Technique 2: 3 Colors

The theory of color is a fundamental part of this exercise, however the 3 colors with which people react most in the online world are red, orange and blue. 
Depending on each theme it will be necessary to check in the color palette what reinforcement is given to the communication.

Technique 3: Contrast

The brain likes to see the changes and parallels of situations, people, times etc. In this way, if we can illustrate the contrast, the neurons will process the stored images generating an immediate recall. Video marketing is the perfect platform to create these remembrances.

Technique 4: Visual Deep

There is a reason for photoshop, the brain loves to abstract and more if an image puts the challenge of seeing beyond. Collages, compositions, art and other resources will always help to capture attention as the brain seeks to understand what is behind a graphic representation. Mind games could be a definition for this.

Technique 5: 3 words

It is known that people do not read digitally, that’s why the reactions generated by the brain when there is a lot of text is to avoid it and look for emotional connectors such as images or videos. However, the power of the word is real, but for the brain many words are short-range and effect. Using 3 words as copy, slogan, short description generate an effect of immediate recall.

Types of words:

Words that create curiosity and need:
Energetic, powerful, vibrant, Will have control, improved, Unlimited, Celebrate, Famous, Gigantic, Effective, Fantastic, Dynamic, Powerful, Deserved, Reward, Expert, Specialist, Protection, Generous.

Words that create security and generate emotions:
Put to the test, Do not hesitate, do not wait, do not lose it, Convince yourself, Guaranteed, It’s solid, Lifetime guarantee, It’s worth it, It works, Innovative, The most imitated, Results, Benefits, Backup, Tested, Secure, Faithful, Never Again, Sure, Check it, Old, Commitment, Future, Flexible, Obvious, Involved, Long Duration, Realistic, Valid, Validate, Right.

Words that appeal to intelligence:
Astute, Prodigious, It is vital, It is the base, It is linked, Revealed, Best idea, Elegant, Distinction, Intelligent, good taste.

Words that appeal to the imagination:
Exciting, enjoy, feel, live, hypnotist, Heady, Electric, Vibrant, Imagine, Pure, Inspired, Dreamed, Sweet, Memorable, Shocking, great, witty, Colossal, Immense, Wonderful, attractive, handsome , Magical, Magisterial, Awesome, Live a dream, Dazzle, Luminous, Absorbent.

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