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Towards custom responsive design

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Towards custom responsive design

Towards custom responsive design

Making custom responsive design is where our web marketing strategy should go. It is not the same to have a responsive website as to have a personalized responsive vice president operations email list. Our online marketing blog is responsive, but it does not have a customized design for each specific device. This is so because we do not have a conversion goal, it is an informative blog. Today in I am from Marketing we will analyze the need to have a personalized responsive design based on the conversion objectives.

Towards custom responsive design

Spain is increasingly mobile
The “Report of the Information Society in Spain” published in February 2016 and which refers to the data collected during 2015, confirms that Spain is increasingly mobile if we talk about types of Internet access devices.

This trend that has been fulfilled years ago, is a clear indicator for those responsible for digital marketing who have to take measures to make different designs depending on the device.

Obviously, it depends on the objective of each web page to spend time and money in this development, that is why we are going to focus on online commerce.

Ecommerce in Spain
According to the “Report of the Information Society in Spain” almost 40% of online purchases are made within Spain, and about 18% from outside but to Spanish companies, but impute in our territory.

Therefore, it is true that the remaining percentage, 42.8% are purchases made within Spain to other countries, but we should not leave aside the data that point to our country.

Nobody doubts the need for websites to be adapted to mobile devices to improve user usability and have some consistency with multiple multichannel marketing processes.

The most used technique in recent years had to do with an adaptive design, that is, designing a web and that it was self-adapted to the device through which it was accessed …

Custom responsive design
Is this the best way to guarantee the best user experience accessed from different devices?

Without a doubt, no. Making a custom responsive design is mandatory for those businesses that are based on conversion, if it is buying products or services. The structure, the size, the colors, the area dedicated to the action buttons, etc., must be specially designed for each device.

This website is an example where the visualization has been worked on for the different devices in order to influence the call to action and that the percentage of conversion is not affected if we access from the computer or from a smartphone.