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Towards Regional Curricular Projects

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Towards Regional Curricular Projects

In the middle of last week, Vladimir Cerrón, governor of Junín, signed a document to several of his educational authorities so that they commit themselves to implement a regional curriculum for their department build email list. The text allowed to infer that it would be an “educational proposal” that would replace the National Curriculum for Basic Education (CNEB).

Given this situation, the Minister of Education and several voices, including ours, warned that any regional proposal became inconvenient and illegal if it was not framed in the CNEB currently in force. At the same time, we affirmed that it was feasible and pertinent to develop Regional Curricular Projects (PER) that consider knowledge specific to each jurisdiction related to its history, languages, productivity, art, culture and others, within the framework of a process of curriculum diversification national, which considers a graduation profile, competencies, areas, transversal axes, capacities and performances. That is, all the basic, obligatory and common learning throughout the country. In this sense, President Vizcarra has subsequently expressed himself with success. Then it seems that, in general terms,

Therefore, it is convenient that the Minedu increase the number of hours of free availability in the study plans, lead the technical processes for the design of the PER in the regions, provide pertinent technical advice and, above all, strengthen the pedagogical teams of the Regional Directorates of Education and the UGELs. Real progress must be made in the process of educational decentralization, in a context of leadership and leadership of the Ministry of Education and respect for national educational policies.