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Tripartite Foundation: Free Courses for employees and companies

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Tripartite Foundation: Free Courses for employees and companies

If you are working in a company and want to expand your training, you can benefit from the aid granted by the Tripartite Foundation in collaboration with the Public Employment Service. Here’s how. Are you interested?
Whatever your profession, you need to train continuously to not stay behind and keep your knowledge updated. In this way, you will be up-to-date with market needs guinea email list and improve the productivity of your company. Something that can help you in your professional training is the Tripartite Foundation . Know what it is? Do you know their help to take courses? If the answer is no, this article may be of interest to you. Take note and keep learning!
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What is the Tripartite FoundationWhat is the Tripartite Foundation
The Tripartite Foundation is an entity that collaborates with the Public Employment Service to facilitate the access of workers to continuing education courses that contribute to their professional growth.
It is a private non-profit organization supervised by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and audited by the General Intervention of the State Administration and the Court of Accounts, regulated by Royal Decree 395/2007 of March 23. The business organizations CEOE, CEPYME and the unions UGT, CCOO and CIG participate in it.
The fundamental objective is to favor training and professional development by improving the personal training of employees throughout their working life. That is, expand and accredit the professional skills of workers.
How the Tripartite Foundation is financedHow it is financed
It is financed by the collection of professional training quotas that companies and workers contribute to Social Security : 0.6% of companies and 0.1% of each worker. It is also financed with the European Social Fund and the Public State Employment Service.
Each company has a minimum credit of 420 euros per year for the training of its workers.
For whom Fundación TripartitaTo whom
The bonuses of the Tripartite Foundation are interesting for companies and workers.
For companies it is very convenient when they analyze what new professional skills they need and consider updating workers to adapt to a changing market with new challenges and jobs. With the Tripartite Foundation, the companies only advance the payment of the course. When this one has finished they can apply the bonus in the bulletin of quotation of the following month and like this “recover” the value of the realized course. That is to say, the company advances money that it subsequently recovers.
It is also very useful for workers who want to update, recycle and have new alternatives in the labor landscape.
10 steps Tripartite Foundation10 important steps to get the training right
If you are an employee and want to expand your training through the Tripartite Foundation, we recommend you follow the steps below.
1. Find the best course
The first thing you should do is look for a course that suits your needs and those new skills you want to develop. You are interested in finding a training that allows you to catch up.
At Aula CM we have a series of courses that can help you acquire new professional and digital skills. For example, we have Community Manager courses where we teach all the functions of Online Marketing to improve and optimize the presence of companies on the Internet. We also give WordPress training to learn how to create web pages with this platform and AdWords courses to design and create the best digital ads.
2. Look at the available credit
The second important point is to calculate the credit that each company has. For that you have to do a multiplication of two factors. The first is the sum of box 501 of TC1 (quote bulletin), multiply by 0.7 and all that divide it by 100. The second factor is the percentage that the company can be rewarded based on the size of the template of workers. If a staff of 6 to 9 workers will have to multiply the previous amount by 100%, if it is a template that reaches 49 employees will be multiplied by 75%, if it reaches 250 by 60 percent and if it has more than 250 workers for 50 percent. Companies with 1 to 5 workers have a minimum annual credit of 420 euros.