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Twitter Analytics Guide: advanced statistics tutorial

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Twitter Analytics Guide: advanced statistics tutorial

An essential part of any strategy on Twitter is to measure the results of what we do. It is essential to know the times that users have seen your tweets, how many have interacted, which publications have worked best, at what times … Recently, we have a tool that allows us to obtain this data for free: Twitter Analytics . We tell you all the secrets to get the most out of it. When we publish iraq email list in social networks it is key to know the impact that our contents have had. Just as Facebook and Google offer us some useful information about our publications, Twitter also has a complete analytical tool that, for free, offers statistics to users. At first this service was only available to advertisers, but now anyone who is curious or interested in knowing the impact of their tweets can access this data.
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Twitter Analytics, the most complete tool to analyze statistics on Twitter
If you are a Community Manager, you work in Online Marketing or your business has a presence on  Twitter , Twitter Analytics will help you improve the performance of your organic or advertising publications. What we had to do with Hootsuite, Topsy and Simply Measured, for example, is now possible using the tool of this Social Network .
For the first time, Twitter offers its users statistics for their accounts for free. Do you want to know how? Follow our guide!
Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics Data1. What data does Twitter Analytics provide?
Twitter Analytics shows graphically and in detail:
The number of Impressions (CPM), Interactions (CPC) and the Interaction Rate (CTR) of all your tweets. But not only that.
You can also get data such as retweets ,  clicks on links , responses , favorites or the number of times followers have opened a tweet to see more details.
As if this were not enough, it is possible to get information from your followers that will help you to know them better and offer them exactly what they are looking for.
Also, you have statistics related to your Twitter Ads campaigns .
Another very practical service of the tool is that it allows to export the reports  of the period that you choose through CSV files or in an Excel document . This should be done from time to time, once a month for example, to then perform an analysis over time and see the evolution.
With so many advantages and virtues, I imagine that at this point you will be wishing to know how to access Twitter Analytics and how to use it.
Twitter Analytics Access2. How to access Twitter Analytics and how to use it?
To get to Twitter Analytics you just have to search for it in Google or enter this link . Next, all you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account. As simple as that.
Once inside, you find an initial panel with the activity of your tweets and you can access all the data in your account.
As you will see in the upper tabs of the page, the information is divided into different categories: Tweets , Followers , Twitter Cards and Tools . The first two (Tweets and Followers) offer you the statistics of your organic publications. The section “Twitter Cards” shows you the evolution and operation of your Twitter Cards . And the “Tools” part refers to your promoted publications.
By default, as in Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics presents reports for the last four weeks. You can change that period in the upper right tab that says ” Last 28 days “. If you open that menu you find other options: last 7 days, month by month or, you can even customize the dates in the calendar. To do this, you have to mark a start date, an end date and update.