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Verónika and Arana Marked by Maduro

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Verónika and Arana Marked by Maduro

After so many errors and collisions, it is undeniable that Fuerza Popular has reached the bottom and that its electoral horizon looks email database gloomy towards 2021. However, the left must look at its navel before taking pleasure in that misfortune. In recent days, the satrapy of Nicolás Maduro has clearly stripped the double morality of that left and made it clear that his high-sounding voice claiming dictatorial maneuvers or fighting corruption only arises when it is the ideological enemy that navigates those turbulent waters , but whistle, cross the path and endorse tyranny when the political ally is involved. 

For the Broad Front, Marco Arana, and New Peru, of Veronika Mendoza, the corruption of Keiko and Fuerza Popular is stinking and abhorrent, worthy of the meanest jail, subject to the most merciless sanction, but independence must be respected, distance must be maintained and autonomy preserved if the mafia rinses, the shameless robbery and the illicit enrichment of Maduro is the one that is revealed. For Arana and Mendoza, the AFF was the most horrific dictatorship, violating human rights and genocide, but electoral fraud, the dozens of political murders -such as that of Óscar Pérez- and the humanitarian hell with which Maduro’s chavismo sinking his own people must be overlooked, understood, and therefore reject the intrusion of the Government of Peru to recognize the mandate of Juan Guaidó. Faced with the state terrorism they protect, it should be remembered that Mendoza and Arana arrived in 2016 together in a single caucus – and ended up divided as Fujimorism – to this Congress, discredited not only by the excesses of the exmajority, but for the never clarified nexuses of María Elena Foronda with the MRTA or the willing proposal of Rogelio Tucto to grant amnesty to Abimael Guzmán. If Arana and Mendoza are going to point out that the “orange” troops were defeated and now are submerged in the mud of misery, do not forget that with their support to Maduro both are shipwrecked in the same mire of indignity.