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Video ads on Facebook are They More Effective

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Video ads on Facebook are They More Effective

If you have reached this post, you are probably interested in launching an advertising campaign in video ad format on Facebook or another platform . If you are still a Buy VP Media Email Lists bit lost, I suggest that before reading it, take a look at the following publications:

  • How to integrate online video into your digital marketing strategy
  • Online video advertising: formats and possibilities

Suppose you have read them from beginning to end or you already know the benefits of video advertising, then you wonder … is Facebook the ideal channel for video advertising?

In this post, we will answer the main questions that can assault those who want to make video advertising on facebook. And who knows, maybe we’ll also get the video skeptics to get in our car!

Let’s start!

How are video ads on Facebook and what makes them different?

I put you in situation: imagine that you have an edited video, with a clear message that you want to transmit to your audience and your potential clients, but you do not know to which channel to upload it or if uploading it to all .. it comes, without a filter.


The first thing you should have thought about is where you will upload it and what you will use it for. Each platform has its audience, its formats, its forms of visualization and other variables that will make your video work better or worse depending on where you upload it.

Do you remember the benefits of video advertising? If not, go back and take a look at this post and come back later to continue reading.

For now, let’s focus on the different versions of ads that we can use to make video ads on  Facebook:

Native Ads

Native ads appear in the Facebook news section. It will be in our power to choose the right format for our audience. For example, we must bear in mind that a square ad takes up more space in the feed, rather than one in a widescreen format. We can also promote videos in mobile format, so when users click on the publi the video will occupy the entire screen. 
It is especially important, because most of the visualizations (and the traffic in RRSS as a rule), comes from the mobiles , so adapting our video to this format will be essential. Videos in native format are the most used and appear in thefeed of publications or news on Facebook, Audience Network or Instagram.

It is important that you know, that in Facebook a large part of the reproductions are made with the sound deactivated. so it is vital that the message you want to convey has meaning with and without sound . You can also subtitle the video to make it more understandable and even do it in several languages ​​depending on your target.

These ads appear during the playback of a video. With this, we start with an important limitation, so that in the short videos our ad will not appear. Why not before? Because Facebook understands that in this period of time we are fully aware of the visualization and advertising will capture the maximum attention.

The ads will last between 5 and 15 seconds and will appear in the videos we see on Facebook and Audience Network and will only be shown in videos by publishers and creators who meet rigorous requirements. It is important that you know, that unlike native ads, these videos do reproduce themselves with sound. You will have to take special care in the quality of the audio and the message that you are going to transmit. This does not mean that we detract from the quality of the video, we simply take into account that we must have the audio variable when planning an In-stream video .

They are videos in vertical format of a maximum of 15 seconds that will appear while users view the Stories. It is an interactive video format that will take users to a landing, profile or product that they want to promote. It is especially important to get attention quickly or we will provoke a “Tinder effect” (a quick slide that will pass our announcement as an uninterested match). 
Videos work much better than static images or a transition of photographs, because we provide much more information to the user in that short space of time. Thus, we will increase the possibilities of interaction.