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VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists Holidays

The summer months are usually an auspicious occasion to take vacations. Taking advantage of the fact that children who go to school or attend higher education do not have classes, many families go
VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists
to the beach, while others travel to visit a family member, meet new places or spend a few weeks in their hometown. All this is well and deserves that, those who can do it, give thanks to God for having that possibility, because there are many people who can not take vacations, either due to economic, physical or other limitations. 

It also deserves that, those who have the possibility of taking vacations, know how to live them well. Certainly, for example, going to the beach is very good, because the sun’s rays and the water of the sea strengthen your health. The same could be said of going to the countryside, where you can breathe fresh air, You can make good walks and climb some hills or climb mountains. That, without a doubt, is much better than spending the day at home watching TV or videos, because this would reduce the rest to a sterile time and take away its true meaning. But the true meaning of vacations would also be lost if these, contaminated by a sick desire to consume, were dedicated only to unrestrained activism or selfish complacency, which distract the heart and prevent giving due value to time and people.

It does not take much to spend a good holiday: dedicate a little to prayer, another little sport, spend more time with family and friends, attend a cultural or artistic event, take the opportunity to read some good books and to do works of charity, such as visiting the sick or inviting someone who is especially in need of feeling loved and valued. I am sure that if we do so, we will spend the best vacations that can exist, because we will return happy and rested.