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It is influential . It generates confidence . It has a great presence . That is the most suitable definition for the figure of the influencer : someone who inspires, Hospital Contact List who becomes the prescriber of one or several brands thanks to his ability to influence his followers.

However, in the world of influencers, anything goes. If you want your marketing strategy with influencers to be successful, you must select it carefully.

Do you know what you should keep in mind to find the perfect influencer for your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat campaign ? Coming up next, we tell you!

  • 1. Do not choose an influencer because of their number of followers in social networks.
    Previously, many brands selected influencers because of their volume of followers. 
    But made the law … made the trap. Currently many influencers buy their followers, especially on Instagram.
  • 2. Look at the engagement generated by the influencer
    The likes and comments that an influencer is capable of generating are key to your business. If an influencer generates a lot of engagement , it probably interests you.
  • 3. Analyze if the influencer fits with your brand
    As much as an influencer has a lot of engagement, if it does not fit with your brand, it will not do you any good to work with it. 
    Imagine that you are a brand of high-heeled shoes and you find an influencer on Instagram who always wears sneakers. Will it help you create a collaboration with her?
  • 4. See how it deals with content
    There are influencers and influencers. Surely you will not be interested in passing a “standard” text to it and that the influencer copies it as it is and publishes it (and we assure you that it happens …) 
    Look at other publications that you have done as a prescriber of other brands. If you really treat the content and care about them, this is your influencer.


A recent study on the status of Influencers Marketing has suggested that “88% of respondents have found tactics with effective online opinion leaders when it comes to generating notoriety around the brand or its products.”

In this report, a sample of 600 marketing professionals took part.

Therefore, influencers are the order of the day.

But … Do you know how to use the influencers in your company? These are the main reasons that lead brands to have influencers in their marketing strategies :

  • Generate notoriety or awareness. This marketing strategy was supported by 88% of the respondents.
  • Improve customer loyalty , also known as customer loyalty. 65% of respondents said they follow this strategy in their Influencer Marketing practices .
  • Drive sales . Finally, 53% also responded that they were pursuing an increase in sales.


When you launch a campaign with influencers, it is also essential to measure it and then optimize it and achieve better results.

Here are some of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you can use to measure the campaign, according to the same report:

  • The engagement . The interaction of influencer followers with the publication is a key indicator used by 30% of respondents.
  • The final sales . Has the marketing campaign with an influencers impacted sales? That question is the main issue that takes into account 23% of the participants in the report.
  • Increase web traffic . Finally, 17% of the respondents measured the success of the marketing strategy with an influence with the increase in traffic to their website.

Now that you know how to select the right influencer for your brand , you know what marketing strategyyou can follow and, later, you know how to measure the success of your campaign , you are ready to start working with influencers.

In addition, with all this data, it is clear that influencer marketing is still a very effective strategy. Do not ignore it!

And with this we finish. We hope we have given you a hand. As experts in online marketing , at Mediaclick we can prepare a global marketing strategy in which, of course, we will take into account the influencers. Do not hesitate to contact us.