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The term Black Hat SEO defines the set of non-legitimate techniques and actions to position your content in Google Attorney Email Lists and in the rest of the search engines.

These practices are usually penalized by the search engines themselves, so they are not advisable at all.

In addition, everything you can think of to better position your content has probably already occurred to God Google.

Are there reasons to take a risk then? Probably not.

Similarly, it is worth knowing the most common practices of Black Hat SEO (SEO “black hat”) to avoid doing them. Here we detail them.


The keyword stuffing is a bad practice of adding the same keyword multiple times in the same text to position themselves for that content, increasing its density to such an extent that Google penalizes.

It is said that the same keyword should not have more than 15% density, a rather high percentage.

So, if you write an article and write the same keyword naturally, you will never exceed that percentage.


One of the factors of positioning in search engines is the link of external pages to your website. If you have many external links, Google will interpret that your content is relevant to the user.

However, these links should be generated naturally, so, as you can imagine … Buying links is a penalized practice.

In fact, on April 24, 2012 Google updated its algorithm and introduced Google Penguin , whose purpose is to fight against low quality links and spam.


As the name implies, duplicate content in SEO refers to identical contents in the same website or different sites. Both practices are penalized, because Google believes that you are trying to position the content at all costs.


A “spider” is a program that analyzes all web pages constantly. Thanks to the spiders, our contents are indexed and then users can find them.

Knowing this, we can move on to another malpractice: create content that only spiders can read. An example? How about creating pages with a series of keywords related to the web itself?

Tempting, right? But do not do it because Google knows all (or almost all).


It is related to the previous practice. The doorway pages in SEO refer to the creation of pages that are loaded only 1 or 2 seconds and then redirected to another page. The user, obviously, does not have the material time to appreciate the content of the page, but the search engines do.

The grace of this technique is to add potential content to position. However, once again, Google detected this resource and penalized it.


The known in English as ” clocking content “, is nothing more than the hiding of content to better position certain keywords and achieve better results in SEO .

Two basic examples: write text of the same color as the background of the web page and add keywords behind an image.

As you can see, the hidden content is not visible to humans either, but to spiders.