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What is it and how does it affect SEO

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What is it and how does it affect SEO

When positioning our website on the Internet, and especially in search engines, we must work on SEO links and the authority of our website, since we know that Google positions websites according to VP Quality Email Lists their authority and relevance, among many others. SEO factors . For this, one of the important concepts to take into account is the Link Juice .

What is Link Juice?

We could summarize that it is the authority that transmits a page to another through a link (web link or hyperlink) , and should be considered in our link earning strategy . With this, we will improve our organic positioning through quality links.

The most used example of Link Juice to explain this process is to imagine that our web -or, better said, the authority of our website- is like a glass of juice , whose content is transmitted to other pages through the links that there are in her. In this way, the amount of juice or total authority of the linked pages will increase, whether internal or external.

How does the Link Juice deal in SEO work?

In summary, each page linked within a website receives a proportional part of the Link Juice of the website that links it , that is, it receives greater authority. Therefore, the more websites link to us, the more Link Juice will get our page, and a greater authority will impact on an improvement of the positioning of our website.

In addition, it not only affects the number of sites that link us and their authority , but also how many other pages are linking on that page. For example, if they link us together with many other pages from other sources, our website will not receive as much Link Juice as it would receive if they link us only to us. Using the example at the beginning, our website will not receive as much juice  if you have to distribute the same glass among several.

When is it effective and when is not a Link Juice strategy?

The Link Juice is transferred efficiently when it comes from links of:

  • Pages with content related to our page.
  • Pages that have a high authority or relevance , since they have a Link Juice greater than to distribute, for what we will have more probability to obtain more Link Juice.
  • Pages that do not have a lot of outbound links (unlike link farms or link farms ).

On the contrary, the Link Juice may not be transferred correctly when it comes from:

  • Pages with content not related to ours.
  • Pages that contain a lot of links.
  • Pages with little or no authority and relevance.
  • Pages that link us with attribute ” nofollow” , since that link will not transmit Link Juice.

Is it useful for SEO to transfer Link Juice linking to internal pages?

Of course I do . And within the different linking strategies for a correct transmission of the Link Juice that we can implement, the main recommendation would be to distribute the authority of the main page following a hierarchical structure .

An example of using correct Link Juice would begin by taking into account the web architecture . From the main page, we would link to the categories; from the categories, we would link to the subcategories, and from the subcategories, we would link to our product files -in case of doing Link Juice in an ecommerce- or to independent pages.

However, not all the pages of our website have the same strategic importance , nor do they need to receive the same Link Juice, so it will be necessary to omit the pages that do not interest us , such as the Legal Notice or the information section about our company. This practice is usual and recommended, and does not mean having to remove all links or not index any internal page, nor link them with attributes ” nofollow”  -as that authority or Link Juice would be lost-, but link them strategically.