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What is it and how to use Google’s keyword planner?

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What is it and how to use Google’s keyword planner?

The google keyword planner is a tool offered free of charge by the Google Ads application . buy youtube views Keywords or keywords are a main element of positioning. The purpose of the keywords is to help describe the service or product offered by the website. However, a good selection should coverboth technical words, and terms that users would use to reach that specific information.

Google Ads provides these tools to any type of advertiser. That is, whether you are a beginner or expert creating campaigns in the search network, you can produce your ideas in this workshop.  The planner helps you get the ideal keyword, while pointing out your chances of success .

The positioning of a website in the search networks depends to a great extent on the optimization so that the engines can take it to appear in the first places . In this regard, keywords are the vehicle that takes users to our site or away from it.

What is the content of our website? If we offer sale of cleaning products, users may come to us using keywords such as “sale of cleaning products”. However, it is most likely that they do so by means of words related to ideas to clean, for example, “tips to clean wood floors.” For this reason, it is necessary that our site offers another type of content apart from the sale of products . To make the additional content is the most indicated there are tools such as google keyword planner.

How is google keyword planner used?

It is generally used to create advertising campaigns . However, due to its versatility it can be used by beginners in the construction of their sites. Google Ads complements the results of keyword searches with suggestions on how to use that information.

The keyword planner is used as follows:

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  • To search for new words we access our AdWords account
  • We click on the “tools” icon and then the planner. We go to the “planning” section. We write or paste in the search box “Find new keywords”: phrases, words or the URL of sites related to ours, select and click on “start”
  • The results offer ideas for selecting keywords and also historical records of performance and data from our competitors.

We also recommend you use the results of this search in another of the “Ideas for keywords” tools. This option allows you to evaluate the metrics of these words in order to generate new ideas. Add words to the plan for the advertising campaign is convenient when we want to obtain data related to the volume of search, trends, location, language, etc …

What uses can we give to the keyword planner?

Use the google word planner to create ideal campaigns for your company . Among the most convenient actions we have the following:

  • Search the most relevant keywords for your company , taking into account all the ways that lead to your product or service. It is based on statistics about other users’ searches and needs in the market
  • Indicates traffic forecasts, as well as historical data to measure volume of searches that guide the selection of keywords for upcoming campaigns. Such data helps to identify the performance of a word by means of conversion estimation and click prediction.
  • The results obtained in this procedure can also be used to plan the budget of the campaigns and choose the offers that were appropriate.

Remember that success in using the Google Keyword Planner depends on several factors. This tool provides you with a list of words that may be relevant to your company, but you decide which ones to use. Elements such as the type of product, the offers, the client and their behavior also influence the result of the advertising campaigns. The word planner only offers suggestions, estimates and evidence of previous actions, therefore the guarantee is based on the analysis and application of said data.