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Did you know that WhatsApp has sold your information about your contacts to Facebook ?

In today’s post we are going to comment on a topic that has been present these last weeks. The purchase of WhatsApp data by Facebook !A List of Timeshare Owners couple of years ago, in 2014, Facebook bought the WhatsApp application. At the time of purchase, many users jumped concerned about fear of selling their personal data. Although the situation calmed down, it is now tense again. And is that WhatApp has transferred to Facebook data as your private phone, your locations or the time you use the application.

List of Timeshare Owners

Considering that WhatsApp has more than 1,000 million users, the transmission of information is important. However, WhatApp has stated that the transfer is only data, Facebook will not have access to the photographs, videos or messages sent by WhatsApp.

At this point, users are concerned about their privacy in the messaging and even some associations, in defense of privacy, have sent requests to stop that decision.

Within all this fuss, is there anyone who can benefit from this purchase? The answer is yes. Who? The companies!

Some brands use the WhatsApp application as a messaging medium between company and users. So, depending on which cases, knowing the location in which your consumers write or the frequency of use of the application can be very useful.

But if in your case, you want to keep your personal information secure, you just have to follow these steps :

Update the WhatsApp application in case you have not received an informational message warning about it.
If the message appears, you should only reject the proposal by clicking on the box and accepting.
If you do not want to transfer your data, hurry up, because you have less than 30 days to deactivate this option and time is not over!