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Why is SNAPCHAT changing Digital Marketing?

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Why is SNAPCHAT changing Digital Marketing?

Marketers, we’ve heard about Snapchat, but how many of you have a profile there? Do you know how it works? Do you know statistics? Canadian CFO Email List

Eye, because the marketing of the generational change passes through this social network where young people are.

Reason # 1: Attention interval
In general, our nation’s attention span has been reduced in recent years, and some experts estimate that the average is only five minutes. With such a short window to print, your company needs a medium that can create a significant impact in a short period of time.

Fortunately, Snapchat was created with this precise goal in mind, since it only allows users to see an image or video of between one and ten seconds. This has the effect of making everything more important, since you only have a brief opportunity to see the content before it is deleted forever.

Reason # 2: Limited Time
You can take advantage of Snapchat’s short time to see it, creating limited time offers to drive new business in your own way. How does this work? Simply take a Snapchat from a current promotion, exit item or special discount code that has a limited window to redeem.

This creates a sense of urgency in the consumer’s mind, which can lead to an increase in sales. This can also help you increase your number of followers, since people will want to receive these valuable promotions.

Reason # 3: Capture attention
Unlike the constant bombardment of advertising elsewhere, you can use Snapchat to capture the attention of your followers completely. How is that? You will find a large percentage of followers who will see your image or video, especially if you make your content interesting or entertaining.

This is in stark contrast to other options, such as an email marketing campaign, where you need many excellent headlines and copywriting to reach your subscribers in the hope that they can see your content.

Reason # 4: Develop loyalty
Creating brand loyalty is tremendously important, since regular customers can boost the success of your business. Snapchat allows you to extend special offers only to your followers and keep them connected to your products or services. This is a specific way to make them come back for more, using this innovative social networking application.

Reason # 5: Build Anticipation
You can not only create brand loyalty with Snapchat, but you can also use it to generate anticipation. How is that? When you send photos or videos of a new product that is in process, or perhaps an upcoming event, you can excite them.

Show your fans and keep them updated progress is a sure way to prepare for the launch of your next big hit.

Reason # 6: launch a new product
Once your followers are prepared and ready to buy, you can also use Snapchat to implement your new product. You can send a visual announcement when the new product arrives on the shelves, or a new service becomes available.

For further attraction, you can provide special coupons or other incentives to your loyal followers of Snapchat’s advantage.