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Why should you take advantage of the Bachelor’s Day in your ecommerce

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Why should you take advantage of the Bachelor’s Day in your ecommerce

Like couples, singles are also entitled to have their own special date. For those who do not know this date, the Bachelor’s Day was an initiative carried out by a group of friends in China to face the already known Valentine’s Day VP Design Officers Email Lists. The date chosen to make this tribute to singles was on November 11 (11/11), since being composed of four ones, represents the symbol of singleness.

In 2009, the Chinese e- commerce giant Alibaba registered this date and, since then, has turned it into a real consumer festival, which can now be felt all over the world through the Aliexpress platform.

It is so much the success of this day that, in China, there is a gala broadcast on television that has stars known worldwide. Last year the audience was surprised by the presence of actress Nicole Kidman, singer Pharell Williams and tennis player Maria Sharapova.

On November 11 of last year 2017, Alibaba reached a sales record by surpassing the mark of 18,000 million euros sold in one day, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia . On the other hand, Channel Partner tells us that the Chinese giant plans to surpass 25,000 million dollars (21,942 million euros) in 2018 . The products offered will reach the figure of 500,000, comprising 180,000 brands that are present in more than 80 countries.

Although it is true that this day has been especially driven by Alibaba, it is expected that more and more ecommerce will join the wave . In this post we show you why November 11 is a new business opportunity for any ecommerce company.

One more date to sweeten the figures

The Day of the Bachelor, in the middle of November, takes advantage of a particularly favorable time of the year for online commerce: the approach of the Christmas season . In addition to being a month known for its proximity to the Christmas season, November is loaded with promotional days with which to increase your sales figure as is the Single Day, the famous Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

With these dates full of incredible promotions for the consumer, we can compensate the seasons in which the sales have a lower volume.

A test to check the efficiency of our platform

This aspect is especially important for smaller platforms, which are not yet used to high levels of traffic . Knowing that Soltero Day occurs at the beginning of November, you can take advantage of this day to test the capacity of volume and traffic that our ecommerce supports, as well as the possible logistical problems. Then, in the event that our platform collapses, this leaves us with reaction time to identify and solve the weak points and thus prepare for the following key dates (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas or the kings) keeping our platform in operation. consumption fever that occurs during the festive period of Christmas.

Know the users

This day can also serve to identify consumer habits of our users. What products have you bought or put in your shopping cart? At what time do you go to our website to make purchases or look at promotions? Have the prices offered been competitive enough against the competition?

The Day of the Bachelor is an ideal day to adjust the strategies of digital marketing , direct the message correctly to our users and, with this, get more conversions. Through the registration in our platform or with the preparation of forms you can get:

  • Know which are the most liked products and, consequently, bet on special promotions more focused on our user in the following key dates.
  • Invest in advertising campaigns with specific target, such as dynamic remarketing, trying to capture those users who have previously interacted with your brand and thus continue to make progress in the conversion funnel or cross sales, offering complementary products to those previously acquired.
  • Identify which products are not as popular and bet on more aggressive promotions .