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One of the best tools to know what users do on our website is Google Analytics. Flexible, complete and free are three words that define it very well. Within all the modifications and adjustments you Ailment Mailing List can make, there is a very interesting section of objectives that can enhance the analysis of your website and your business.

An objective is a metric that you can set as a key indicator and assign a figure or percentage. In this way, GA allows you to individually follow the most important metrics for your business, track how much you need to achieve and notify you when you have exceeded it.

Ailment Mailing List

There are mainly 4 types of objectives:

Destination: the goal is for the user to reach a specific page. To do this, you can create a funnel and measure only the users that make a specific route.
Duration: the goal is that the user is a certain time on the page you want.
Event: the goal is for the user to make a specific interaction on the page.
Pages / screens per session: the objective is for the user to navigate through different pages or screens during their session.
There are also smart goals, which you can export from GA directly. They consist of Google automatically configuring your goals based on what you think may be better for your page. As you can see without activating them, you can always take a look and try to get metrics that benefit you.

The objectives of Google Analytics are fundamental to monitor the key metrics of your website, since not only do you follow up, but you can establish the goal you set for yourself. It also allows you to measure actions of users that can not be measured in another way, such as funnels or events, providing valuable information for you.

Google Analytics can not miss a website to achieve a strategic vision that allows the growth of the project improving the quality of the user experience. And if you think that this is great for you but it is essential for your company, contact Mediaclick to manage Google Analytics on your website.