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Why your website should have a security certificate

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Why your website should have a security certificate

There are several reasons why we should worry about our website having a security certificate. The first one is to buy youtube viewsIn addition, for the marketing of a company it is essential to reflect confidence and be totally responsible with customers.

A security certificate is part of what is known as “security protocol”. The security protocol is an element of vital importance in computing when it comes to maintaining security in the network . When we apply this protocol with responsibility, we make sure to navigate through the most private and protected route possible.

While we are surfing the internet, we work through networks that would normally be private, but when they are not, it is a risk. The information contemplated in the address bars indicates how safe the network in which we are moving can be. This information is composed of at least two elements, which are the following:

  1. Characters http: // or https: //
  2. Name or address of the page

Example: https://noergia.com/

Not all address bars are the same, in some cases the “http: //” characters that are required are omitted. However, “https: //” is the element that allows us to identify that the network is secure , which commonly turns green. Next we tell you what these characters are and how important they are for the security of your website.

What is a https security protocol?

In the network circulates information coming from different people, companies, readers and computers, which are executed by means of diverse physical devices and use basic channels of information technology. All this series of elements uses the same network, so it is possible that the data of each one can be exposed much more than we would like. For this reason, a mechanism has been designed to establish rules for transporting information so that all participants can have access to safe navigation.

To ensure that our data is handled in a secure manner, it is necessary to install a security protocol , which is a computer code capable of converting your network into a private way. The HTTPS code makes it possible for the connections established in the network that occupies it to be secure. It is usually used by banks, online stores, or any other network that requires the completion of financial transactions. It is also convenient for sites that require user authentication through the use of passwords.

The HTTPS security protocol works through the use of data encryption known as SSL. SSL data encryption is what is known as a security certificate . A certification like this one is provided by a computer authority in the matter. That is, digital security companies issue such certificates in a legal and genuine manner with specific costs for the service. Such virtual security companies perform a constant scan of your site to identify possible presence of malicious content.

Despite the importance of the HTTPS security protocol, not all web sites install it . This service is usually expensive, but there is a standard type of protection. Consequently, a website can possess basic data encryption. Therefore, some threats can not be controlled unless the SSL security certificate is installed.

Why is it important to install a security certificate?

The website of your company can be one of the most important marketing alternatives. However, the inappropriate use of this platform can have serious consequences. The options that electronic transactions allow abound as much as the threats to them . As the opportunities to manage our assets multiply, the development of malicious software, hackers and cybercrime also increases. To avoid being victims of cybercriminals, it is convenient to ensure a private network in all senses.

As we have said before, the security certificate allows the protection of the information that circulates in our network. Nowadays, the Internet poses a security challenge, because each time the capabilities of the attackers increase .

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 The basic threats have to do with the illegal obtaining of important information for companies and their clients. The main objectives continue to be financial data such as bank passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

Installing an SSL security certificate consists in giving your website a private way where the data that circulates is safe . Protecting our company is not the only reason to have this certificate installed. The safety of our customers must be paramount when contemplating the use of security protocols.