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Woocommerce Guide 2019: online store with WordPress Service News

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Woocommerce Guide 2019: online store with WordPress Service News

Woocommerce Guide 2019: online store with WordPress Service News

I have created this Woocomerce Guide so you can get the Orlando Boca Raton SEO Service Plan most out of an online store and know how to configure each step step by step. I have also included tips, extra plugins, tricks and recommendations for management. Nowadays Woocomerce has become one of the best platforms to create an online store. Let’s see how to take advantage

icons-02-151. Why WooCommerce?
In this emerging market, the choice of the platform for the creation of the online store is vital, and the elements to be taken into account in order to choose it must satisfy the present and future needs of the trade, which we could summarize in the following aspects:

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Low cost of the platform
Easy to use
Simple extensions
Low cost extensions
Compatibility with other applications
Simple updates
Currently there are several platforms for creating online stores that could meet most of these expectations but only one of them meets all of them: WooCommerce for WordPress.

Coupled with the enormous popularity and implementation of WordPress (currently 25% of the Internet is created with WordPress), WooCommerce was recently acquired by Automattic, the company of one of the creators of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

In addition, for WooCommerce there are hundreds of plugins (additional applications) that complement the basic installation with all the utilities that an eCommerce may need, with the incentive that most of these plugins have a free version.

With this, the creation of an online store is really simple, with guarantees of success at first, and above all totally free for basic needs.

Such is the growth of WooCommerce that its worldwide implementation as an eCommerce platform is brutal. In fact, worldwide already exceeds Magento, a standard in this type of software.



But if we analyze the statistics of implantation in Spain the thing changes:



As seen in the graphs, it has reached the most used in recent years: PrestaShop. And we are not an anomaly, because in the USA as in the United Kingdom it also dominates WooCommerce.