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17 Examples of Creative Photographer Websites in 2021

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17 Examples of Creative Photographer Websites in 2021

The world of photography and that of web design is closely linked, since a web page without quality photography is usually a disaster. In addition, photographers need a place to present their work , such as a portfolio. Therefore, if you dedicate yourself to this profession or are related to this sector, I want to show you examples of the best professional photography websites for their designs. And also, as a web design professional, I will draw iran mobile phone tracker conclusions from common aspects that are being done well and badly on the website, so that you do not fall into the same mistakes as many of them. PS: It is a subjective list, since I do not know all the professional photographers in the world, I include those who have inspired me in my work.

ARTICLE INDEX Diane villadsen The Fashion Camera World in My Lens Sawyer and Sawyer Jeremy cowart Janae shields Stan seaton Julia & Gil Leyre Cañizares Kuperberg Griffith Imaging Mathieu stern Eric Ryan Anderson Denis Reggie Tom hull Lisa bettany Love water photo Are these examples of photographers’ websites and portfolios good for inspiration? Diane villadsen Web : Diane Villadsen The Fashion Camera Web : The Fashion Camera World in My Lens Web : World in My Lens DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog Sawyer and Sawyer Web : Sawyer and Sawyer Jeremy cowart Web : Jeremy Cowart Janae shields Web : Janae Shields Stan seaton Web : Stan Seaton Julia & Gil Web : Julia & Gil Leyre Cañizares Web : Leyre Cañizares Kuperberg Web : Kuperberg Griffith Imaging Web : Griffith Imaging Mathieu stern Web : Mathieu Stern Eric Ryan Anderson Web : Eric Ryan Anderson Denis Reggie Web : Denis Reggie Tom hull Web : Tom Hull Lisa bettany Web : Lisa Bettany Love water photo Web : Love Water Photo Are these examples of photographers’ websites and portfolios good for inspiration?

Although I have listed the best professional photography websites for inspiration, it does not mean that they have done their web design and digital marketing strategies correctly . For this reason, I want to give you some positive and negative points that I have drawn in common from all of them. Let’s see them. Positive aspects in common I love the minimalism and simplicity they use. The websites have very elegant styles that invite anyone to hire a photo shoot. They show their best work in a very visual way, promoting their Iran Phone Number Database portfolio very well. Most have a blog to attract content traffic related to the sector. Negative aspects in common Many photographers use sliders (automatic presentation of photos), being a mistake in terms of user experience, since they overload the web and nobody waits to see all the photos go by. Some have not installed the security certificate on their websites and it is shown as “Not secure” in the HTTP protocol . The vast majority only use images, leaving aside the text , without knowing that Google reads these texts and interprets them to position the content in its search engine.