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Blogger or WordPress: Which is better to create your Blog?

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Blogger or WordPress: Which is better to create your Blog?

Blogger or WordPress: Which is better to create your Blog? We have so many platforms for web pages that sometimes it is difficult to choose one. And there really is not one better and one worse, because they all fulfill the functionalities for which we need them: to help give us visibility in one way or another. Some are more complex with which we can create more professional web pages, and other simpler ones, to start in the world of blogging without having technical knowledge and without making any investment. The choice will indonesia phone number how many digit depend on the goal you want to achieve. Therefore, I want to get you out of your doubts and make a comparison between two well-known bloggers in the digital world to guide you on which one to use: Blogger or WordPress. We will also see how the two differ and what advantages they can bring you in your day-to-day life.

Oh, and I’ll tell you about my personal experience with my childhood blog (don’t miss this, it’s great hahaha). ARTICLE INDEX Blogger VS WordPress Advantages of Blogger or Blogspot Advantages of WordPress Differences between Blogger and WordPress: which is better? My personal experience in WordPress and Blogspot Blogger VS WordPress Before I start comparing Blogger and WordPress, as well as their advantages and differences, I want to explain what each of them is. Blogger is a free platform for creating a blog and managing content. This tool tries to give life to your blog in a very simple to use platform, with which you will only have to register, choose your domain name (which will be in the style ), choose the template and start writing your articles. Blogger is related to what used to be Blogspot, the free domain service provider, and to Google, so it is good to start taking the first steps in blogging. On the other hand, in WordPress you have two options: WordPress is one of the most used free CMS and with a large community that is used to manage websites.

I am going to explain its two variants: WordPress.com : Platform that starts up a WordPress site in a very simple way and without knowing any code. You create your account, choose your template and you can start publishing your articles on the blog. WordPress.org : In this version the tool goes further. It is a content manager in which you can modify each and every one of the internal files and style sheets. With this we will install the necessary plugins and give life to a website in a professional way. Now that you know what Indonesia Phone Number Database we’re talking about, I’m going to make a comparison between Blogger and WordPress.org, so you can see which of the two is the clear winner. SPECIALIST PROGRAM IN WEB DESIGN Build your own business, step by step, doing something that every business needs: a website. You will be able to create and sell web pages to be able to leave your current job and live from the freedom of digital businesses.