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How to avoid cold-door selling in B2B companies

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How to avoid cold-door selling in B2B companies

Some years ago it was very common to open the door of our house to a seller of books, armchairs, encyclopedias or insurance. At that time, the commercials divided among themselves the streets and offices they had to go to to knock on the door. Those commercials had a single objective: to sell their products, since it was the only way to get a  Nigeria Phone Number List commission. The fact that a stranger knocks on our door and tries to sell us a product or service that we do not want is one of the hardest parts of cold selling. B2B companies have to be aware that there are other ways to reach their potential customers that are much more effective .


For this reason, in this post we will explain what cold selling really consists of and how to avoid it. What is cold door sales in B2B companies We understand selling cold – door to the activity that companies carry out calls and emails. 20 years ago cold selling consisted of showing up at the home of a potential buyer / customer to try to sell them a product or service. On October 6, 2018, the Government approved a Royal Decree-Law that prohibited the cold-door sale of electricity and gas commercials , thus prohibiting companies in this sector from using this practice to attract new customers. In other words, companies in the gas and electricity sector cannot contract services at customers’ homes directly, unless the consumer requests it. Although this may seem like a thing of the past, there are still B2B companies that continue to use the cold-door sales system to sell their products. This way of selling is very invasive and every day it is seen worse by potential clients.

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Nobody is interested in trying to sell something they do not need, in the same way, nobody likes to feel rejected by a customer when they knock on their door. B2B companies must be clear that the important thing is not the product or service they want to offer the customer, but the person behind the door, that is, our end customer . In the era of digital marketing, it is not so common that these types of sales continue to be used. B2B companies that continue to sell door-to-door have to ‘change the chip’ and start designing a strategy focused on getting to know their potential customer better, listening to him and getting Nigeria Phone Number Database him his product or service and letting the customer decide if they want to buy. The objective that B2B companies should pursue is to position themselves as a benchmark for their potential customers, so that the customer himself calls us to request our products or services. In any case, there will always be a percentage of our audience that will not come to us directly: that is why it is necessary to have a non-interruptive or invasive communication strategy prepared that manages to get closer to these potential clients in a more subtle way.,. If you are interested in learning about different recruitment strategies, in this Zoping post we show you