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How to reuse your blog content to reach more people

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How to reuse your blog content to reach more people

Text is not the only way to reach your audience. You have different types of content at your fingertips to increase your coverage within your target audience. I don’t want to give you a slump with this article. But you have to know. The posts you wrote a few weeks ago will probably only have a tenth of the visits they had on the day of publication. Recycle contentFotolia photo rights If you look back months there will be many entries where the counter has practically stopped. Why on average a post receives fewer and fewer visits The vast majority of blog posts have a life cycle that has a beginning and an end. If this is not your case, it is because you are not average and you are not affected by the following Ghana Phone Number List points that cause this slow death of a blog post. Loss of visibility : the cover of a blog works a bit like the top 10 of Google. The most recent post (the one that is usually at the top) is the one with the most visits. The lower they are, the less traffic and attention they usually receive because they leave the field of visibility of the user who accesses your blog. Expiration date : if you have a blog where you mainly talk about current affairs, you may have a little problem. You can generate interest with an event, a product that has just come out, the acquisition of a company, etc. for a limited period of time. What you are interested in is creating eternal content that does not have an expiration date.

Lack of internal links : to give life to old posts you have to make use of internal links. In this way you can redirect traffic from a recent entry that receives a lot of attention to an article that has been online for a long time, is relevant to deepen an aspect and remains relevant. Not showing up on Google – Lack of internal links can be one of the reasons why a high percentage of your old content never shows up in Google search results. A good search engine position can generate recurring visits that produce a continuous flow of new visits. Reuse your blog posts using other formats Once you know the reasons why an old content loses its relevance to generate new visits and readers, you can work on it to avoid it. There are other ways to expand potential coverage with an article. In this case, you can recycle the idea by using other types of content.

1. Create a presentation and give a presentation : a post can be the basis for a presentation. Just yesterday I wrote on the subject . A first step is to pass the main ideas of the article in a presentation format. If you have wanted to be a speaker but you were still not clear about what you could talk about, now you already have a small clue.Ghana Phone Number List

2. Upload a video of the presentation to YouTube : since you have given a presentation or a webinar, make sure it is recorded. In this way, you have generated content that does not require instant consumption and will leave its mark on your network for as long as you want.

3. Publish a podcast : it is as simple as speaking and recording your voice. I would recommend not reading the published post word for word. Use it as a guide but try to improvise the words. That way, what will be more attractive to the listener will come out much more natural for you.

The great advantage of using different formats is the fact that you will reach different people since our tastes are. One prefers to read a post Ghana Phone Number Database and perhaps another is lazy and prefers the video format. Once published on your blog, the ideas are worth something. Make the most of them by making use of different formats to increase your potential coverage.