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Red Bull gives wings to your marketing

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Red Bull gives wings to your marketing

Red Bull has managed to become one of the 100 most successful brands in the world. What is your marketing strategy? Throughout this note. We are going to take a look at the strategy, focused on the analysis of the event. That meant the jump of Felix Baumgartner from Red Bull Stratos. An event that really gave wings to the brand. Today, the value of the Thailand Email Address Red Bull brand is approximately $ 16 trillion. But what is the recipe for success? During a 1982 visit to Thailand, Dietrich Mateschitz. The creator of Red Bull. Noticed that energy drinks helped him overcome Jetlag. He took the idea of ​​the drink, adapted it to Western tastes. And was launched on the Austrian market in 1987.

The 1980s were very successful for Red Bull. As they knew how to implement a smart marketing strategy in the alternative youth scene. and extreme sports. Today Red Bull sponsors, for example. The Motocross Freestyle series “Red Bull X-Fighters”, the air race series “Red Bull Air Race Series”. As well as the two teams, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso of Formula 1. Felix Baumgartner – FanMade However, the event attracted worldwide. Attention was held on October 14, 2012, the “Red Bull Stratos” starring Felix Baumgartner. In addition to the longest free fall and highest jump (39,045 m). Baumgartner was the first man to break the sound barrier and take the highest balloon ride ever.

How to Red Bull gives wings to your marketing

Beyond this, the event also broke digital records. The jump was seen by more than 8 million viewers through. Red Bull’s Livestream on YouTube. A new record that makes the previous record seem insignificant – 500,000 viewers at the Olympics. From london. The video of the jump is among the ten most viewed videos on YouTube in 2012. In turn, on Twitter, theMost used hashtags during the jump were #strato. #spacejump and #baumgartner. In addition, Red Bull gained 235,000 new followers on Twitter. 140,000 new likes on Facebook and a photo after Baumgartner’s landing had 500,000 likes. Today Red Bull has more than 35 million likes on Facebook.

Malachite always pursued the strategy to focus on achievements he made through extreme sports advertising. Thus it has achieved its success. Red Bull became not only one of the best brands in the world but also a lifestyle. Which is why today it sells more than 4.6 billion cans per year. We’ll learn about what makes them a great media company but first. let’s start Thailand Business Email Database with some basic facts and learn a few things about the company. Here’s a brief account of how “Red Bull Gives You Wings” became a classic example of using. Sloganeering for Marketing and Branding Success. Instead, they decided to create their own event: The Red Bull Flugtag. … pocket,” for Nike it’s “Just do it,” and for Red Bull, it’s “Gives you wings.”.

Some tips of Red Bull gives wings to your marketing

That may mean sacrificing a few hours of sleep. Red Bull shows up and gives them the wings. (and energy) they need to stay awake and keep jamming. When thinking of companies who successfully achieve a global marketing strategy. Red Bull comes to mind. It is unbeatable. It is extreme. Bull gives you wings,” they say. But how can you make sure that your flight into? The world of global marketing does not end like the …The brand sells energy drinks, and despite having a niche market, the brand has global recognition. Red Bull has the highest market share of any.