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RESERVE YOUR PLACE Ease of use of Blogger VS WordPress Blogger

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RESERVE YOUR PLACE Ease of use of Blogger VS WordPress Blogger

When you log in to Blogger.com it immediately gives you the option to create your website with default templates. Once we have chosen the design and the domain name we can start writing and creating our blog. If we go to ” Entries “, we have the option to write the contents and publish them as you see in the following image. The layout of the main page is very basic and we can customize it, but we will always be in a very limited environment. Even so, we will see this in the next point. In addition, in its free version we have the signature of “With Blogger technology” in the Footer and the standard subdomain , not our own as it indonesia mobile number whatsapp could be that of this website . My advice is that if you choose this platform, you pay for the original domain (domain.com). It will give you more seriousness and everything will be much easier if you make a migration. As for the Posts, both the wordpress editor and the blogger editor are very similar, in the style of Word, so writing your articles will not be a problem in either of the two options. WordPress WordPress.org is a more complete content manager and in which you can customize everything you want to measure.

Its desktop is simple, divided into the main sections such as Entries, Media and Pages; and others for some plugins that we have included on the web, such as the Elementor and Yoast SEO image in this case. As I told you in the previous section of the Blogger platform, WordPress also has a very similar blog post editor, although I have to tell you that this is the Classic Editor. The classic WordPress editor is like the one you see in the following image, similar to the one we have seen in the previous point. Recently WordPress released its own company builder to layout the articles and other pages of the website. This constructor is called ” Gutenberg “, and it works by content blocks, instead of being an old-fashioned Word document. You can select the editor that you like the most (classic or Gutenberg), since the second one comes by default and the first one we have to install using a plugin called “Classic Editor”. Here is a video with a comparison of the interface of Blogger and so that you can see this better from the inside.

As you already know, there is also WordPress.com, very similar to Blogger and it will be super easy for you to start writing your articles. Even though they are so similar, I wanted to choose to make the comparison with .org, which has more differences with Blogger. Design and customization Blogger To customize the Blogger platform we are very limited to its templates and the elements that we can add, so in this aspect it loses all the points compared to other content managers. Here I show you an example of a fairly advanced Indonesia Phone Number Database website with many articles created with this tool. WordPress A design made with WordPress.org can be as you want and imagine it. You just have to have a little style and knowledge of the tool to have the web that you have in your head embodied in a domain. Another important aspect that WordPress has is that you can include the plugins you need for any functionality , being very flexible when it comes to getting the results you are looking for (Woocommerce for online stores, LearnPress for course platforms, etc.).