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The advantage of VSCO is that its effects are great and much better than other apps

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The advantage of VSCO is that its effects are great and much better than other apps

In addition, you can download as many as you want, and even buy effects used by fashionable Spanish instagramers . It is true that many of the good effects are paid, but I advise you to download and try A4-A6 . These do not come by default when you download the application and are completely free. In this case, I’m going to show you how I have retouched the image with the VSCO A6 effect of the last photo I uploaded to my Instagram. Notice how in addition to the effect, the photo on the right has more bricks and a iran contact number pool bottom. So that the image did not get too long on Instagram, what I did was duplicate the background with the PicsArt tool. If I had uploaded the image on the left to the social network, it would have been cut off and the feet would not be visible, otherwise, I could upload it in its entirety and it was that good. apps to fix photos for free 4. Snapseed snapseed edit photos This Google application allows you to retouch your photos with multiple tools.

I use Snapseed mainly for selective retouching, that is, if in a photograph there is an area (for example, the face) that is darker than the rest, I select it and apply a highlight. The settings that characterize this application are: Selective: When you select this option, press the “+” and click on the area of ​​the image that you want to retouch. If you open and close your fingers (zoom type) it takes areas so that the editing does not affect the photography. Enhance Photo: This is the brightness, contrast, saturation, atmosphere, etc. If we select the area with the selective one, we can apply these effects by elements, which makes the tool very powerful. Double exposure tool: With this function we can mix two photos and play with opacities, leaving a very original effect. Let’s see an example with the tool. The first time I saw this photo, I thought it was worthless. My surprise was to illuminate it with Snapseed, I liked it enough to upload it to my Instagram account. photo retouching program 5. Instagram instagram-edit-photos Many people do not like the Instagram editor, as its effects are too strong if you put them to the maximum. But I have to say that for me, on a mobile level, it is a very practical image editor and comes in handy for the last details.

Once I have used a program to edit free photos such as PicsArt and Lightroom, I include sharpness, contrast and texture with the application of the social network itself. It is the last step to take good photos for instagram. image editors 6. Facetune facetune retouch app This is my latest discovery, since you can make retouching on your photos very easily and without pixelating the image. The “Shaping” options are very advanced , being able to deform any image without spoiling its quality. Another thing that I really like is being able to modify the width and height of your eyes, so if you love the photo and you have come out Iran Phone Number Database with your eyes half closed, this would no longer be a problem. Although it has functionalities very similar to PicsArt, it does not generally pixelate photos, so this type of modification would prefer to do it with this app. What is the best program to edit photos professionally and for free? There are many other programs and applications for editing photos, such as Retrica (which has the advantage of creating GIFs), Befunky, etc. But I have focused on those that I consider to contribute the most to the user and have helped me at some point. Each photo editor has its functions and with each one we do different things, so it is difficult to say which is the best.