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What do Christmas gifts communicate?

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What do Christmas gifts communicate?

With the arrival of December, we all automatically start to think about what is to come: parties, celebrations, trips, lunches, dinners, meetings and gifts. Gifts? Yes, gifts in all areas and areas of our life since both family, friends and professional contacts we usually entertain with a present during these special days. Christmas is the preferred date to give gifts and, as we say, also at work. The goal of professional Christmas gifts Whether it is to our colleagues (what to say about the now famous invisible friend ) or to our clients, the reality is that we always have our sights set on what we are going to give away this year and behind   Cambodia Phone Number List it there may be a hidden objective that we often pursue. Can be: Look good and thank that client who accompanies us throughout the year and to whom we are really very grateful for having trusted us. Reward the colleague who is by our side every day by lending us a hand and helping us. Either way, we think about what we can buy to show our appreciation . So when December rolls around, we get down to business. In fact, companies continue to keep the tradition of giving their team – employees some detail for these holidays. But do Christmas gifts communicate? There is another objective that may be the main one, and it is none other than to communicate .

Throughout the year we invest a lot of time and money in our companies with the sole focus of communication and getting our brand, our values ​​and our essence. A very clear example is when cosmetic brands include small gifts in magazines or publications in order to reach their users and communicate their characteristics. We also live all year with raffles and contests that enchant us with gifts that we really want to get. All with the sole objective of communicating. And so why is Christmas different? It is not, that is the reality. Christmas is one of the best, if not the best time to communicate about our brand and / or product. It is as it is said in a colloquial way: a Momentazo! Everyone is very receptive to being a month (December) of illusion 😉 Gifts communicate as the best press release We love to be given gifts, that is so. It will be because it makes us feel loved, important, because it is something we can use or perhaps because socially it is a time designed to give gifts. Whatever it is, we love it and more at Christmas . So why not apply this premise to our brand and use gift-giving to its advantage? If gifts are popular and we want our brand to impress our customers, what better way to take advantage of it. It is a great option and we have proven that it is one of the best way to communicate and give visibility .

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Christmas presents Christmas is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get your brand across and get favorable results. It is very pleasant to receive a package or a surprise because it generates an emotion, a positive reaction that will make the recipient remember our banner. Gifts that communicate long term But keep in mind that the best thing for your brand and your company is that the investment you have made in Christmas gifts last over time. You can give away a basket of food products (the usual basket) and you will have a super positive response because that that we are beaten by the stomach is Cambodia Phone Number Database  more than true. It is also true that it ends soon, but at the same time, these products are usually shared with the family and then more people benefit from them and to whom the positive gesture will arrive. On the contrary, giving gifts that are not perishable helps our brand to be on the table, the room or the workplace of the recipient and throughout the year the visual impact is repeated . Be that as it may, it is best to look for a gift that helps and is useful, and that if possible, does not generate too much work for the person to whom you are giving the gift (the plants, if you don’t know He likes to take care of them, better to discard …