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What do I write in the first post of my new blog?

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What do I write in the first post of my new blog?

When you already have the structure, the million dollar question is what to write in the first post of your blog. The good news is that there is no way to get it right or wrong. Likewise, this post comes to you just in time because you have considered creating a different blog than what already exists. If you have already jumped into the pool Georgia Phone Number List with your blog, nothing happens either because you can check if you have done it right. In case you think “what is a blog?” I recommend you read the linked post before. My first postFotolia photo rights I accept the challenge to see if I succeed so that there are no more obstacles that prevent you from becoming a blogger . The good news is that you have many options to choose from.

1. Don’t complicate your life and just start writing
Well, as I am telling you. The first idea that comes to mind serves as the first post on your blog. If you are going to write about urban gardens, perhaps the title of the first article could be “What is an urban garden and what does it bring you?” A personal definition and interpretation of your main theme would be a good option in this context.

2. You open your blog with an opening post
Under an opening post I understand an entry where you introduce yourself to the blogosphere telling who you are and what you are going to write about. It’s like when you enter a new forum, there are presentation threads. In this case, you do it through the first post on your blog. On a personal level, it can be interesting to go back to the first entry to compare what your initial plans were and how your blog has finally evolved.Georgia Phone Number List

3. You post a series of articles
To attract readers, you have to create positive expectations about the quality of your future content. The posts that you have published in the past are the most important pillar to achieve this effect. Since at the beginning you lack a history, you have to play with a human weakness: curiosity. If you do not understand the concept behind well, you can read the post where I explain what a series of articles is and how they work .

The good news is that there is no way to get it right or wrong. The only mistake you can make in this context is to have delayed the launch of the blog because no one has been able to solve your question satisfactorily until now. Hope it got  Georgia Phone Number Database you a little closer to the starting point. Good luck and cheer! What are your tips for the first post on a new blog? Another thing : I have just launched new editions of my “Course for bloggers” (for beginners and intermediate level) and of the “Workshop for bloggers” (for intermediate and advanced level)