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What is a CRM and what is it for?

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What is a CRM and what is it for?

The idea of ​​CRM is much more complex than an acronym for customer relationship management . CRM goes beyond being a software or a management model: it can help you manage many tasks and simplify internal processes related to Norway Phone Number List  sales and marketing departments. In this post we will explain what a CRM is and what it is for, the functionalities it has and its benefits. What is a CRM and what is it for? The acronym CRM corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon definition “Customer Relationship Management” , which translates as Customer Relationship Management . We understand CRM as a software that performs a complete management of marketing, customer service, sales and contact points, among other things . Its main objective is to improve relationships, boost sales and build customer loyalty.


The concept of CRM consists of being customer-centric and it is one of the most important corporate tools for a company because of how it manages the contacts, leads and sales opportunities it provides. Although there is no proper CRM standard, we can distinguish three types of CRM: Analytical CRM . It consists of collecting and analyzing data to help companies better serve their customers. The analytical CRM is used to analyze the contact details, what their preferences are and the information collected about them. Operational CRM . Streamlines company methods by automating marketing, sales, and services. Operational CRM is designed to simplify a company’s business processes by generating leads, converting them into contacts, and providing them with a service. Collaborative CRM . It allows the different departments of a company (sales, support or marketing) to share all the customer information collected in the collaborative CRM. Functionalities of a CRM From the first moment, the CRM software unifies the information and documents of the clients of our company in a database. Stores name, telephone, address, and professional position of our current and potential clients, among others. Due to the constant evolution of the digital sector, new functionalities and utilities have been added to the different CRMs.

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Some of these are: Analyze and segment your customer database . Classify and organize your customers into groups with the same characteristics such as their geographical area, concerns or purchasing patterns, for example. Facilitates customer communications . Automate processes to better serve customer complaints and suggestions. Increase customer loyalty . It helps customers to be more and more satisfied with the company. Makes the sales cycle shorter . It generates greater control so that the seller can complete a purchase process faster. Centralize all information in one place and simplify tasks . Create and Norway Phone Number Database assign different tasks among workers based on their hours and functions. Offer sales and business opportunities with potential clients . It allows us to communicate with customers through their favorite channels. Manage company campaigns by preparing reports and campaign forecasts. Automate sales and marketing interactions, customer service, and business processes . Improve the conversion rate . Keep track of all our customer interactions. Connect to the company team on any device . It allows people in the company who have access to the CRM to access their customer data from a phone or a Tablet.