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What is linkbaiting and what does it contribute to the growth of your blog?

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What is linkbaiting and what does it contribute to the growth of your blog?

Linkbaiting is a concept from the Anglo-Saxon world to receive links without asking for them. It is a strategy opposite to link building.
Without a doubt the content and the constant work of the blogger are the most important thing to make the blog grow. Focus on posting articles with high frequency. With quantity comes quality. So SEO doesn’t matter? We’ll see. Yes but no… Linkbaiting and LinkbuildingFotolia photo rights Definition of linkbaiting and the main Hungary Phone Number List differences with linkbuilding Take this blog as an example. I recently realized that if you searched for the keyword “marketing” it would already appear in the top 20 of Google. Yes, if you’re not on the first page, you don’t exist. Keep in mind that just that term usually has a lot of competition and many people do SEO to be among the first positions. Now it is even worth making a little effort by investing 10 minutes to put 2 or 3 internal links that will probably help me to be in the top 10 soon.

It is thanks to linkbaiting that my blog is receiving more and more traffic from Google. We could say that it is the opposite strategy to link building that seeks to obtain more directly links from external sites (eg through a link exchange ) so that search engines give us more importance than by age or quality of content we really have. The linkbaiting could be defined as follows: looking to get links from third – party websites (blogs, forums, portals) without having to order them because the contents are valuable and deserve to be shared. What type of content and actions are most suitable for linkbaiting ? The linkbaiting works because the person referred through links your content also receives a benefit in return. Gain prestige by providing useful information to your followers with which the consumer receives great added value. There are no guarantees of success, but one way to find out if a post has a chance of receiving links is by meeting the previous criteria. Ask yourself a simple question. Does this post deserve to be recommended because it provides great value to third parties?

In my past I have found that there are certain types of content and actions that are useful when it comes to getting links from third parties without having to ask for them .

1. Personal experiences : the absolute record was my post with the results after publishing for 366 days on my blog without pause. In the first 24 hours after the article was published, I had already received 4 links talking about my “experiment”. Personal experiences in general receive a lot of attention, especially if details are provided that not everyone would be willing to share.

2. Offer something at no cost : now you understand a little better why so many people offer an e-book at no cost instead of selling it. If the content is good, you will mostly receive links from forums. You can also think of another type of gift for your readers as long as it is something that really adds value.Hungary Phone Number List

3. Organize an event : it does not even matter if it is paid or free. There are many pages specialized in sharing information about events so here you always have a great opportunity to go out. The easiest way is to contact these websites informing that you have organized an event that fits into their agenda and that adds value to their users.

4. Market studies and surveys : generate data of interest that nobody has but offer relevant information about your sector. It’s a way to get a lot of attention as long as the survey or market study that produces this data asks the right Hungary Phone Number Database questions. It is a job that requires many hours of work so it is not the easiest way in the world to receive links from third parties.

The linkbaiting is the smart way to get the recommendation from other sites. It does not mean that it is easy because the base is relevant and quality content. Nothing is achieved from day one so don’t be disappointed if your first 100 posts don’t get the expected attention. With the quantity will come the quality necessary to obtain third-party links.